Success Stories

Testimonials from clients and athletes about the results and effectiveness of Water Works Performance's DWE program:

John Moe

Masters runner

Hi Mike,
This is to thank you for the deep-water run workouts that you provided for my training during the month of February and the first 10 days of March. As you know, I had developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot at the beginning of February and this painful condition brought my road training to a halt. If I'd waited for my custom orthotics and treatment before resuming training, there is no way I would have been capable of running in Boston. It was your water running workouts, plus light weights and the elliptical machine, that allowed me to maintain the majority of my fitness. The result was a Boston Marathon time of 2:50:12 in very hot conditions and a second place finish in the 50-59 age group out of 2,177 runners. Thanks again, Mike, for helping to make it possible to compete.


Al Ezaki

B. HK. - UBC
B. AHSc (athletic therapy) student - Sheridan

I first began using deep water exercise (DWE) in 1998 as a varsity athlete involved in Track and Field and Cross Country at the University of British Columbia. I could not run due to plantar fasciitis and was told to try DWE to keep in shape while injured.

I found that DWE maintained my cardiovascular fitness while injured and my return to competition was smooth and successful. I use DWE during the season as a preventative measure and integrate it into my pre-season and off-season training programs. I also plan to use it during the winter to help build up my base, by using it as my second workout of the day.

DWE is great for doubling up workouts due to the low impact and high resistance from the water. You can also check your form in the water using the underwater camera. I have done long runs in the pool as well as high intensity intervals.

Under the instruction of Mike Moon, I have run personal bests in every distance from the 5,000m to the half-marathon this season including a 1 minute 30 second personal best in the 2003 Vancouver Sun Run.


Al Charron

Captain, Canadian National Rugby Team

I had been doing water therapy training on my own for several years prior to having the help of Mike Moon's expertise in guiding me to be more efficient in my training. It is very hard work but the benefits are huge.

Being a big heavy guy with suspect knees and ankles the running in the water was the perfect exercise for me to work my whole body, getting a huge cardio workout while saving on the wear and tear on my body due to the no impact nature of the training.

I can't recommend it enough as a form of training or rehab for everyone but especially for heavy bodies who need to run to get or stay fit but do not want to be putting their joints under too much stress by doing heavy impact running.

When I unfortunately blew my ACL and Mcl and tore my meniscus in a rugby game this summer, I thought my aspirations of playing in a fourth Rugby World Cup were over. But thanks to a great surgeon, fantastic physiotherapists, and a large part to the training I was able to do in the water, I made it back on the field in record time to play for Canada four months later.

I encourage all athletes to try this form of water training either as part of their training/rehab or as an alternative to their usual training routine. With Mike's guidance I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Jonathan Luckhurst

UBC track and field 1999-2002
NAIA All American, 2001
1500m Personal Best: 3:51 (after being injured 4 months of the year!)

I was a competitive runner for almost 9 years and competed regularly at the national level. I was also a member of the UBC Track and Field team from 1999-2002. During my experience at UBC I found water running to be an invaluable source of training.

The main reason I began water running was because I found myself to be very injury prone, especially when I increased my running mileage to 60 miles per week. Land running places huge stresses on the body's muscles, ligaments and bones.

Fortunately, water running offered me all the benefits of land running but avoided the impact associated with it. Therefore, my body was able to recover faster in between important land workouts and it helped me avoid many an injury.

When I did get injured, water running was my only option to keep fit. There was cycling, but it did not replicate the same running motion that was so vital to maintaining my running muscles.

At first I was a little skeptical as to how effective it would be. There was one period where I was out for almost 4 months with a stress fracture. However, when I did get back to running I found I was posting times just as fast as those prior to my injury. In fact, I ran a personal best later that year.

In summary, water running is a very effective recovery tool and if done properly can maintain any fitness level over extended periods of time.


Lori Durward

Ranked 5th in the world as Junior, 4:15 for 1500m UBC Female Athlete of the Year
Multiple Gold medallist at CIAU indoor track champs
Pan American Junior Gold medallist 1500m
World University Games Silver medallist 5000m
PB's: 800m - 2:06, 1500m - 4:11, 3000m - 9:02, 5000m - 15:44, 10km - 33:11.

Water running enabled me to maintain and improve my fitness as a middle distance athlete. It served as a tremendous cross-training activity when aches and pains arose or when the rain seemed unbearable. I credit many of my comebacks to Mike Moon with his insightful hints and terrific workouts.

Thanks Mike for your many hours in the pool!!!


Marek Jedrzejek

Head Coach, UBC Track & Cross Country
Olympic Coach, Sydney 2000

Mike Moon has assisted me with the UBC Track and Cross Country Teams since 1990. In addition, over this time he has worked with PacificSport National Endurance athletes.

I have found Mike's experience and expertise in the area of Deep Water Running and Exercise to be invaluable to our athlete's success.

We have used Deep Water Running to increase training loads with healthy athletes as well as maintain training loads and accelerate rehabilitation for athletes when they have been injured.

I know that there is not a better cross training activity for runners than Deep Water Running. I also know that Mike Moon is unsurpassed in his ability to create training programs that work for injured athletes.

Any athlete will come back sooner and at the top of fitness capabilities if you have Water Works Performance by Mike Moon assist you in your rehabilitation from injury.